Words That Rhyme With Revises

What rhymes with Revises? Find out below...

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3 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Revises

Advertises Advertizes Agonises Agonizes Alkalizes Amortises Amortizes Analyzes Anglicizes Anodizes Atomizes Authorises Authorizes Centralises Civilizes Colonizes Colorizes Compromises Criticises Criticizes Crystallises Crystallizes Deputises Digitizes Disguises Empathizes Emphasises Energizes Enterprises Eulogises Eulogizes Euthanizes Exercises Exorcizes Factorises Fertilises Formalises Fossilizes Glamorizes Glamourises Glamourizes Hypnotises Idealises Idolizes Immunises Immunizes Improvises Itemises Itemizes Legalizes Localises Localizes Maximises Memorises Memorizes Moisturises Moisturizes Moralizes Motorizes Nasalizes Novelizes Organizes Ostracizes Oversizes Oxidizes Paralyzes Passivizes Pasteurises Pasteurizes Polarizes Pressurises Pressurizes Privatizes Publicizes Reauthorizes Rhapsodizes Routinizes Sanitizes Satirizes Summarizes Supervises Sympathizes Synthesizes Televises Terrorizes Theorizes Tyrannizes Unitizes Urbanizes Utilizes Vaporizes Vulgarizes